Chirashi Security

Our Wordlists Kinda Suck

Maybe it’s because we dragged all our wordlists across from the days of Van Hauser’s Hydra way back in 2000. But something happened around the time when the OSCP certification began picking up steam. A wave of new tools, mostly written in either Go or Rust, flooded the interwebs. Along with these tools came a fleet of wordlists. Millions of words in a text file that were to be used for the sole purpose of brute-forcing.

Cyber Triage on MacOS?

I’ve been getting back into DFIR and I was testing out this tool called Cyber Triage. I discovered it when I saw a friend of mine had a workshop that he was doing and I duly registered for it. It’s a neat tool that helps an investigator through his examination process. It collects the usual data on a system like metadata, user activity and the places where malware tends to persist.

Coming Soon

We’re baack! 🔗I’ll get some posts on here real soon!